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I created this community about three years ago-- I was just fifteen. I've lived here in Vancouver half of my life, & my other half in United Arab Emirates. I'm basically only Filipino by blood. But I am still able to speak filipino fluently because there is such a massive filipino community both in Canada & UAE. Although I do not carry most traditional aspects of a so-called traditional filipino life, I'm glad to be able to experience it in some sort of way... and take those beliefs with me throughout my life.

It surprises me how people can perceive filipinos raised in a westernized culture & question their upbringing. It doesn't matter where you go or where you grew up, because our influences are so strong. It doesn't matter that you're half, quarter or even a tiny percentage filipino... you're still filipino.

I haven't been monitoring the activity on this community. But it definitely has grown. We now have 231 members, and I've been completely clueless. Thanks to everyone who has kept it alive & going through all these years.

- Mike
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