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I hate big hypocrites!

I just have to share this with everyone, I'm sorry.

Ok, you know what? One thing I hate about people are the fact that they can be so hypocritical. Well, this has been pissing me off for a while now, because while I'm getting censored for expressing my extreme dislike for a certain band, they go out and go and talk stuff that would have offended the most sensitive people and think that they can say whatever they want yet I can't say what I want to say? Isn't that hypocrisy right there?

So, I can't say what I want to say yet they can say whatever they feel they want to say? That's really screwed up. I didn't get in their cases, so why should they get in mine, which they did a few months back?

Well, I emailed this to my buddy Tinay(aka qhrizteena) about this, and you know what? I think I want to share this to everyone. After all, I'll say what I want, ain't no one stopping me.

So here's the message I wrote to Tinay about Hymn For The Tortured, Guam's favorite crap metal band...

Well, I remember a few
months ago, Andrew(guitarist for HFTT) commented on my blog,
saying that he has non death metal fan friends who
won't say the same things I said about their band's
music. Yeah, because I criticized them harshly, but
big whoop, who gives a rat's ass? Everyone is a
critic, and since they're supposed to be professional
about it, they shouldn't get mad, I mean, it's just
one person's opinions. It's like, being such a big
baby about it if Rolling Stones said their band sucks
in the magazine.

It's funny how the tried to censor me a few months
back, and now they're talking about how "I love Jesus"
is contradictory. Andrew posted that one article by some atheist who claimed that love and sacrifice don't go hand-in-hand, and if God is love,then why did he sacrifice his only Begotten Son Jesus

Of course, since Andrew considers himself as an atheist, he'd post that up, probably because he buys that crap, I wouldn't know that since I'm not Andrew.

I didn't get offended by it, but I know a lot of
Catholics, Christians, Baptists, Protestants, and
Muslims who would. It's funny how they got offended by
my remarks about their music, yet they can say things
like that that would offend any devout Christians.
Don't you think it's kind of hypocritical for them to
do that?

My reply to their comment about how "I love Jesus" is

Well.... they're stupid.

It's not contradictory. You make sacrifices for the
ones you love. Jesus sacrificed himself to deliver us
from evil. The first humans committed the first mortal
sins, and Jesus was sent to us to cleanse our souls of
it. Doesn't that mean that God is love? Yes, it does!
How is that contradicting? You can clearly see that
love is all about making sacrifices. Does this mean
that Andrew and any of the members of Hymn For The
Tortured wouldn't sacrifice anything for their loved

Anyways, lately, I've been annoyed by their ignorance
and stupidity. I think a few weeks ago, there was a
Student Organization Drive at UOG. What it is, is
basically all these UOG clubs try to recruit new
members. I signed up for Leland's bible club, Life In
The Son and K-UOG(UOG's college radio). Anyways, right
across us was Andrew's club, which is
a vegan club.

Veganism is the practice of being a pure vegetarian.
Basically, it's a vegetarian who completely abstain
from animal products or products that were/was tested
on animals. They won't drink milk(since it came from
cow) or eat eggs(since it came from chickens), they
won't use any materials that were tested on animals.

It really contradicts them because they wear leather
belts and shoes. Where do leather come from? They came
from animals.

Anyways, so they were passing around all these fliers
about why we should turn into vegans, because they
believe they're fighting for animal rights and
whatnot. They also bashed the meat eaters(we're
omnivores, so it includes us meat and plant eaters),
saying that if we eat chickens, we eat shit.

They then held a concert called Operations: Animal
Freedom, to raise awareness on animal rights and
cruelty. Out of all the placed they could have
performed, why the cafeteria? Yeah! They held the
concert in the school cafeteria! Most of the kids who
went to the concert aren't even vegetarians!

Anyways, in case they never did their research, vegans
are also the reason why we have retarded children and
special education classes. Apparently, most vegans
suffer from protein deficiencies, because they're not
getting enough proteins and vitamin B12, among others.
They think that you get the same things from just
eating vegetables and soy, but no, that's not
true(that's dumb).

Also, according to Andrew, 16 pounds of grains equals
to one pound of meat. Well, it may equal to one pound
of meat, but it doesn't equal to the same amount of
proteins your body needs. You can tell who's really
been doing their research, and it's not Andrew. He's
just a dumb kid.

Well, they may think they're doing positive by raising
awareness on animal rights and cruelty, but that
doesn't mean veganism is the way to go, and that
you're perform an act of cruelty by eating meat.
That's being close-minded right there. All they're
talking about are animal rights, but they failed to
mention what negative impact veganism can bring to
your child's future.

Also, they're only blaming the meat industry for
global warming. Hello! Let's be realistic here. Are
they sure? Heck no! Any industry with a FACTORY should
be blamed for as well. I mean, the smoke comes out
from the tube of a FACTORY, and it does mess with our
environment. Is it only the meat industry? NO! Even
the toy factory or clothing factory does that. They
talk about abstaining from animal products, then they
should probably consider walking around nude.

Anyways, here's a chat transcript between me and Ken,
the leader singer of Hymn For The Tortured:::
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:02 PM):
are you dissing veganism?
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:02 PM):
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:02 PM):
Beanie™ *veganism = retarded children* says (8:02 PM):
does it matter
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:03 PM):
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:03 PM):
i dont see why the hell why you would call them
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:03 PM):
what are they doing thats so wrong huh?
Beanie™ *veganism = retarded children* says (8:04 PM):
do some research
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:04 PM):
veganism is in every way positive
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:04 PM):
so shut your fucking motyuh
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:04 PM):
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:04 PM):
and even if you dont like it doesnt mean you should
call them retarded
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:04 PM):
becuase honestly how the fuck are they retarded?
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
come on man
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
grow up
Beanie™ *veganism = retarded children* says (8:05 PM):
like i said, do some research....
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
you are 22
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
i have
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
i read about it all the time
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
but honestly grow the fuck up
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:05 PM):
most immature 22 year old i know no offense
Beanie™ *veganism = retarded children* says (8:05 PM):
whatever then
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:06 PM):
so grow the fuck up man
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:06 PM):
Akeldama { OCC } says (8:06 PM):
i thought you were so called " mature" but i am proven

I thought how he reacted was really funny. I mean,
what's the big deal? HFTT can say stuff that would
offend everyone and get away with it, but when I
express what I say, they try to censor me? It's so
funny how they talk about me abusing my freedom of
speech. There's no such thing as abusing freedom of
speech; It's only considered abuse if you told someone
to shut up or you said "I'll kill you!".

Ken clearly didn't do enough research but veganism
isn't in every way, positive. It's only positive
because they only did research on animal rights, but
what about the other thing they completely left off?
There's a negative side to what the practice of
veganism can do to your future children.

I swear, these kids are stupid. They tell me to grow
up, but man, they should look at themselves. They're
like 16 to 19 years old, yet they act all childish
about everything. I mean, did I respond to them when
they talked smack about Christianity? No, I didn't.
They tell me that they have friends who aren't death
metal fans that wouldn't harshly criticize their
musical genre. Well, I have atheists friends who
wouldn't say the same kind of stuff they say, so
what's the difference? Hey, it's not my fault I'm very
opinionated. I mean, aren't they very opinionated too?
So what are they whining about? C'mon... they should
have their diapers changed.

It's so stupid,...... Whatever,


I just had to let that off. I'd probably go to one of their shows, sit in the front row, and eat a big rib platter right in front of them. How cruel can I get? We'll see, but then, it's not worth wasting my time on. They'll say whatever they want to say, I'll say mine, they can't censor me, otherwise, they're contradicting themselves. Then again, they almost always contradict themselves.

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